I started my police career in 1976 with the former State Police. In 1982 I've been promoted to senior officer. During the merge of the State Police with all City Police agencies in 1991 I was promoted to sergeant.


After a year on the Harlingen police academy I was placed in Tzum, a very small village in Friesland, one of the Dutch provinces. In 1979 I was placed to the Wieringerwerf police station. In 1993 the State Police and all 148 City police agencies merged to form regional police. The area I worked in became part of the regional police Noord-Holland Noord.

Since april 2009 I'm working in the police station in Den Helder. My main task is shift commander


I've been acting as shooting instructor for almost 17 years next to my regular job. I’m also trained in detecting Identified Explosive Devices and had several trainings in traffic regulations and accident handling.

As tester I was involved in the procurement of the current police pistol, the Walther P99QNL.

On behalf of the users have been a member of a committee that drew up the plan of requirements for the contract for the surveillance cars.

I was a member of the Programme Team Operational Police Uniform, that developed the uniform for basic police care.(see the uniform page).

Currently, I am still a member of the editorial board of the police magazine BLAUW and I am instructor in C2000, the communication system for the emergency services in the Netherlands

Sometimes I act as skipper of one of the speedboats.


In 2005 Queen Beatrix was celebrating her 25th office jubilee. In link with that jubilee she had working visits in all 12 provinces. One of the visits was in my jurisdiction area and I was asked to set up a scenario for the police and a briefing for the officers in charge. I had meetings with the Queens security service, mayors of the visited municipalities and some members of the Queens cabinet. I was invited to meet the Queen at a special meeting at the end of her visit. We had some chats under the enjoy of some snacks and drinks. The picture on the right shows her majesty,walking on the harbour of Den Oever in the company of her court attitude. I'm walking in front of the group. Because I was invited to meet the Queen afterwards I had to wear my dressy uniform.

During my career I've been decorated four times .

  • for action during the coronation of queen Beatrix(1980)
  • for acting as bombdetector with the marriage of prince Willem Alexander with Maxima Zorregieta(2001)
  • for action during the coronation of king Willem Alexander(2013)
  • for 40 years in active service with the police.(2026)

As written above I started my career with the former state police. When interested in the histroy of this police agency ou have to visit the website about it. The site is written in Dutch, but there are many pictures from older patrol cars and so on.

For those who can read Dutch there are also interesting police stories. Just click on the picture below to get connected.