Collecting patches from Law and Order Agencies is one of my favorite hobbies. I started collecting in 1989 when I visited Vancouver B.C. to compete pistol- and rifle shooting during the World Police and Fire Games.


Of course I would like to expand my collecting by trading with other collectors.


Trade etiquette

Unfortunately I have to resort to a "trade etiquette" if I wish to continue trading patches. Although most traders are honest and decent folks, there are a few bad apples out there. 

In order to protect myself, I have decided to adopt the "First contact - first sender" method. If you contact me for a trade, you send your patch(es) first. When I receive it/them, I will send you my patch(es). If I contact you for a trade, I will send my patch(es) first. It is a shame it has to come to this but the honest have to suffer because of the dishonest.



Also, please don't take it personally if I turn down your offer for a trade, but if I already have your patch in my collection, I will not trade.

I found that I was trading for too many duplicate patches to use as traders and not to add to my collection

In my collection I have a number of emblems, which have a special value because of the way I got them. There are, for example, a number who have received from colleagues who died in a bad way at a young age. Other emblems are special because of the special story that goes with it.



There is also the emblem of the Dutch police, that is mirrored embroidered.






I once swapped an emblem that was very rare. Now I do not attach any financial value to my collection, but sometimes an emblem is so difficult to obtain that a second copy is probably unavailable. That is why I do not exchange emblems, of which I myself only have one copy