Arms & Ammo

All uniformed police officers are equipped with a baton,cuffs and pepper-spray.


After the debacle with the Sig Sauer P230 is finally decided on buying a new gun for the Dutch Police and Customs. After extensive testing, the choice fell on the Walther P99Q. This was announced on 26 October 2012 by the Minister of Justice and Security.


Below is an overview of the various weapons at the Dutch police have been in use or still are in use


On this picture you see how most officers wear there equipment on ther duty belt.

Recently a very detailed description of the armament of the Dutch police in the period 1945 - 2005 is released in book form. In addition to a brief overview of the history of the various police organizations and components, the weapons and ammunition used by the police are fully explained.

It is the attention paid to financial, social, cultural and legal backgrounds who in the introduction, modification and replacement of the means of violence played a role.

Not only the firearms (pistols, revolvers, sub-machine guns, rifles, precision rifles and light machine guns) and associated ammunition, including the security police ammunition, profound discussed. Also, noise grenades, stun bags, tear gas, pepper spray, batons, knives and water pitchers have been discussed extensively.

This study was developed after years of research in national, regional and local archives, including the archives of various ministries. The authors have consulted all relevant museums, public and private collections. It is generous assistance provided by the Dutch police.

The substantive text is justified by the use of endnotes, behind which are shown in the book.

The text is supported by more than 1,560 images (in color) of the described items. The whole is illustrated with over 300 photographs (black / white and color) of armaments in a historical context. This book provides a special view of a hitherto remained unexposed, important aspect of the history of the Dutch police. The book was written by V. M. Cozijn & M.J. Slootweg

When click on the picture of the book you'll be connected to the website where you can order tyhe book, which is written in Dutch

Pistol shooting is another favorite use of leisure. Just when I finished the police academy I started to compete in pistol and rifle shooting.


In 1995 officers from the police in the region Noord-Holland Noord have formed a shooting team to compete in shooting contests with other police officers and gunmen in several contests in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and Germany. I’m a member of this team and in April 2004 I became champion on the Dutch National championship for duty fire arms in the European Police Course discipline..


The team organizes its own contest too. This contest is kept at the regional training center for fire brigades and police in Alkmaar. The shooting range is located in the cellar of the building on the right.