Uniforms & Insigna

There are different kind of uniforms for different occasions. The pictures below show the uniform which is in use since 2005. At the end of 2014 the new uniform will be in use all over the country. The uniform below will be used only for office staff and ceremonial events.

On june 6th 2014 the new uniform for the Dutch National Police was introduced after a development of a year and a half. I have been a member of the developing team for this new uniform. The pictures below are taken during the official international presentation of the uniform.

In addition to the uniforms that are shown above, there are other uniforms for special teams or special events

The image below shows the mounted police in her gala uniform. During the actual service they wear practically the same uniform as the other colleagues: The mounted police is for a largely part of the national unit. Although the state police force was abolished in 1994, the gala uniform is still the same as before 1994. Some regional units also have their own mounted police. They also have a kind of gala uniform for the mounted police. Those uniforms do have the extermination of the National Police

This page shows the patch, the rank-distinctions and the insignia from the Dutch police.


Since 2007 the uniform, the shirts included, is fitted with the patch below, which is the only official patch. Most departments however have units that wear their own self-designed patches. Dog-handlers, mobile units, arresting teams and so one are examples from units that have those kind of patches. These patches however are not allowed to be worn on the regular uniform. Most of these patches are very hard to get, because the members from these units often paid themselves to have them produced. As they leave the unit they keep the patch as a kind of relic.

Oddly enough it is not described in which order the elements of the rank of first chief distinction has to be made. Compare the rank of the previous police chief distinction to that of the current (see above)


In 1993 The State Police and all 148 City-police-agencies were merged to form regional agencies. The first years after the merging the patch below has been worn only on coats and sweaters. The shirts had no patch.


The golden sign on the patch is a code of arms with an exploding grenade. The code of arms was a part of the sign from the former City police. The exploding grenade was in the sign from the former State Police. The new log was designed by studio Dumbar in 1993. The new logo consist of merged elements of the logos of the former police organizations. Studio Dumbar was also responsible for designing the look of the surveillance vehicles, vessels and aircraft of the Dutch Police.


On the right front of the dressy or ceremonial uniform coats a kind of badge is worn. In Dutch this item is called “Korps brevet”. In history this brevet showed the name of the concerning agency. All agencies had the same brevet again, only with a different name of course. Since spring of 2008 the brevet is containing the motto of the Dutch police. The brevet is not on the Operational Police Uniform because the brevet only has a decorative characteriation.


This picture shows how the brevet has changed since 1993. Since the last change it is to be called politie brevet